Top quality products through intensive development and application technology

Motivated, well trained KIWO employees, working in modern laboratories with the most modern equipment are constantly developing new products, concepts and solutions.

Product care – including the systematic improvement of products – is of the utmost importance at KIWO. Dialog with our customers across the globe, who offer experience with thousands of application techniques, is one of the keys to our success. Their input becomes an important ingredient in product development.

With this strategy, as mid-sized company, KIWO continues to be a successful supplier worldwide for screenprinters, textile printers and respected as a specialist in the adhesives industry.

KIWO products are produced with trusted quality and consistency. Our tolerances are well defined and tightly controlled. These high quality standards are held for all of KIWO's products across the board.

Our quality management system is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified, organized along every step, from the receiving and testing of raw materials, through production and delivery, so that KIWO products arrive on-time and ready for use at the customer.

KIWO employees actively seek out, define and realize product advancements, which in turn benefit our customers.

Application technology – the interface between us and our customers

New materials, new formulations, new products, new techniques, new solutions: in communication with our customers and working closely with KIWO's developers and marketers, KIWO's application technicians test new products until they are ready for the market. Current products are improved upon and customer problems are competently solved.

New applications are found and new chances are born.

KIWO supports our customers in becoming more productive and competitive, with KIWO application technicians playing a leading role.

With speed and flexibility, as only possible in a mid-sized, internationally oriented company, KIWO offers qualified applications support from locations around the world.